Rudy Kruse

The experience of a large firm with the benefits of a small specialist.

My customers are often surprised to learn that my firm is small. I take pride in my work and prefer to create lasting relationships with customers. For some this means systems with upwards of 250 lights with an investment spanning a decade or more. For others, it's a very targeted, highly effective 5 light system with just the right balance of beauty, security, and budget.

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20+ Years in Business

After a long career in electronics at Motorola (thank you Navy for the training!) I started CFC Outdoor Lighting in 1992 to follow my passion. As my friends and clients can attest, I love outdoor living and firmly believe that the true beauty of your backyard and entertaining areas come out after the sun goes down.

Practice what you preach
Much of my inspiration for my client designs comes from my own daily experiences, both on the job site as well as my own backyard. I invite clients out to my "living showroom" as often as I can, in the hopes they walk away with the knowledge that landscape lighting is accessible for everyone. My backyard is a unique experience tailored exactly for my needs and personality. I aim to do the same for all of my clients - your lighting system should reflect who you are and how you enjoy your surroundings.

Give back
As a long time member of the community, I think it's important to help your neighbors. I was honored to help out both the Mt. Prospect Historical Society (for those of you familiar with Mt. Prospect, my father was born upstairs of Kruse's Tavern, now Mrs. P and Me) as well as the McGrath Memorial Library near my late father's lake-house in Lake Nebagamon, WI.

Most recently, via a mutual friend I learned of the story of a courageous young girl named Elena. Unable to enjoy playing outside during the day due to her medical condition, she was often forced to play later at night during cooler times. Inspired by the strength of her parents and the generosity of the countless volunteers that helped make a new play area and garden a reality, I installed a lighting system that would allow Elena to more fully enjoy her amazing new surroundings like every child should…with a well-lit smile.